Lulu Boys' High School

Lulu Boys’ High School, named after a Swahili term for "Diamond", is a highly respected boarding high school, listed among top performing boarding schools in Kenya. The school prides in well-established modern learning and boarding facilities, with unlimited space to support enrollment growth of up to 320 students.

The Best Boys' High School!

The school is located 500 meters after the Red Cross county offices along Ukunda- Ramisi Road. Lulu High provides a warm learning environment, where students feel cared for. Simply put, a home away from home.

The school has strong ethos that promotes self drive, discipline and academic excellence.

In Lulu Boys’ High, we involve our parents in their sons’ academic journey, hence an open-door policy in regard to parental visits. We aim to offer an opportunity in which parents can witness the quality of the teaching and learning that takes place at our school.

Life at Lulu Boys’ High is structured so that our boys find a balance of routine and relaxation whilst maintaining a strong education and home life balance. They therefore have access to quality education as well as outdoor activities, and talent explosion for instance; our boys thrive in playing musical instruments such as the piano and keyboard.

Biology Laboratory


Passion for excellence is our driving force each and every day. The teachers therefore employ a variety of instructional techniques to cater for individual student’s needs. This makes us the kings of academic excellence!

Physics Lab Practical


We offer a balanced diet. This keeps our learners in good health throughout. We also have a medical scheme that ensures prompt response in case of an illness.

As a center of excellence, our classes are spacious and well equipped with smart screens that allow learners to access educational content online. This also keeps them posted on current affairs.

Ball Games Champions


We have zero tolerance to indiscipline at Lulu boys High School. To achieve this, we strive to uphold good morals and virtues through psycho social support as well the various religious activities.

At Lulu Boys’ High, only the best is good enough!

In 2023, the competency-based curriculum was officially rolled out to phase out the 8-4-4 education system. As a result, Lulu Boys high school had to be merged with the girls to pave way for establishment of Mekaela Junior secondary school.Currently the boys are hosted at Mekaela Lulu Girls, now Mekaela Lulu High School which is on transition to a standalone Senior Secondary School in line with new curriculum guidelines.

We are organized in such a way that learning and morality of our learners is not compromised. We have two spacious dormitories that house the boys and girls separately. The dorm patrons also reside in the dorm to ensure that our learners are safe and comfortable.

To promote academic competition, boys and girls’study in separate classes (Blocks), a set up that mimic two schools within the same compound. This levels the ground for competition and hence no excuse when it comes to inter-stream performance comparisons. Besides, the set up helps learners to fully be attentive and avoid unnecessary distractions.


Main Court

Anderson Mwero



Opposite Red Cross,
Ramisi Road, Mabungo