Watoto e.V

In 1996 the founders of Mekaela Academies established Watoto e.V. a charitable society based in Germany to support the schools of Mekaela Academies and provide sponsorship opportunities for needy children.

“Watoto” is the swahili word for “Children”. Watoto e.V was established on an ancient principle which nowadays is long forgotten: The weak deserve support from the strong.

  • Watoto operates and supports the Mekaela Academies school project in Kenya.
  • The society provides and manages sponsorships for needy children in the region.
  • Watoto also collects funds for projects within Mekaela Academies and monitors the correct usage.

As should be expected, all members’ work is voluntary. When administrative expenses incur members pay for such from their own pockets. In this way every donated Euro is spent only on the project and used for the children in Kenya.

Watoto e.V., though related to Mekaela Academies does not run the schools and is not involved in the direct management of the schools. The society has no administrative costs therefore guaranteeing that 100% of all donated funds reach the children and the schools in Kenya.

To learn more about Watoto e.V. Please visit the website www.watoto.de