Mekaela Senior High School (MSHS)

A mixed boarding High School located in a serene environment along Diani Beach Road, approximately 800 meters west of Chandarana supermarket. The school has a capacity of 300 students. The structures are made with great skill to accommodate both genders in their separate units

A School of Choice!

Mekaela Senior High School has been instituted as a result of the ongoing changes in the Kenyan education system which necessitated restructuring of secondary school into Junior school and senior secondary school. Therefore, we are undertaking phase out of 8:4:4 as we transit to Senior Secondary school as per new education regulations


Form 4 girls

From time immemorial, Mekaela schools have been academic giants in the county and beyond. MSHS is not an exception. With the restocked science laboratories, a fully equipped computer lab, a well-established library and a vibrant team of teachers, the new centre is ready to break records once again. MSHS strives to build a community of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, and champions of success


Serene Environment


The health of our learners is excellent. We provide a balanced diet to our clients and keep their health in check through Mekaela micro medical scheme. There is also a steady flow of water in the compound throughout which makes life in school more comfortable.

Parents involvement in their sons\daughters’academic journey is paramount, hence an open-door policy regarding parental visits. We aim to offer an opportunity in which parents can witness the quality of the teaching and learning that takes place in our school.

Life at Lulu is structured such that our boys and girls find a balance of routine and relaxation whilst maintaining a strong education and home life balance. They therefore have access to quality education as well as outdoor activities.

Physics Lab Session


The school has well thought of programs that help learners to identify and grow their talents as well as give them exposure that broadens their thinking. Through Out of the Box; an exchange program with ENSA, our students get an opportunity to travel to Germany and discuss   emerging issues like climate and environmental changes among others.They also interact with students from Germany and Denmark through connecting youthprogram by Logitech and zoom. We are lucky to be the only school in Africa participating in the mentioned exchange programs.

Our yearly international trips to South Africa, Dubai, Thailand, Dar es salaam among other places also give the students a chance to interact with people from all walks of life.

As a mixed gender school, we are organized in such a way that learning and morality of our learners is not compromised. We have two spacious dormitories that house the boys and girls separately. The dorm patrons also reside in the dorm to ensure that our learners are safe and comfortable.

To promote academic competition, boys and girls’study in separate classes, a set up those mimics two schools within the same compound. This levels the ground for competition and hence no excuse when it comes to inter-stream performance comparisons. Besides, the set up helps learners to fully be attentive and avoid unnecessary distractions.

MSHS creates a loving community of purposeful learning that focuses on the whole child, body mind and spirit.

At Mekaela,we soar with pride

Main Court at Lulu Girls
Biology Laboratory
Biology Laboratory
Physics Lab Practical
Physics Lab Practical

Mr. Kevin Kayi



Behind Baharini Plaza,off Diani Beach Road