Mekaela Weber -Kombani Campus

Center of Excellence!!!

Located near Kombani at Maganyakulo Renenue Station, Mekaela Weber  Kombani Campus  is the sixth and the newest school under Mekaela Academies establishment.

Additionally, we offer our pupils with opportunities to enhance their educational experiences and nurture their talents through talent explosions and excursions.

Our school is a supportive community where teachers and pupils collaborate and focus on achieving better learning. Hence, it is free of negative behaviors such as bullying and harassment. Our teachers are highly qualified, with great IT skills to enable them embrace a variety of instructional approaches.






Kombani Campus  is safe for pupils physically and emotionally. We have an excellent support staff who are always ready to help meet the needs of all pupils. Through their help, children from less fortunate families can freely co-exist without feeling isolated.

We have a well-structured transport system that ensures safety and comfort of our pupils as they travel to and from school.

At MWS K. Campus, academic excellence is our driving force. We provide exceptional level of education and spiritual care to our children. Success is celebrated and rewarded instantly to motivate the learners. So far, we have had many success stories both in academics and extra-curricular activities.







The school offers a well-balanced diet. The health of our learners is our priority; in respect to this, all our pupils are under a medical cover (Mekaela Micro Medical Scheme.) a special medical scheme organized for learners in Mekaela academies.

At Mekaela Weber  School, we set boundless goals!

weber Campus

Head Teacher

Eric Omondi-