Mekaela Weber School

located near Kombani at Maganyakulo Renenue Station, Mekaela Weber School is the sixth and the newest school under Mekaela Academies establishment.

A Center of Excellence!

Having opened its gate on 10th January 2019, Mekaela Weber School has experienced a fast growth in enrollment of pupils. The school is established in a serene environment, cool and very conducive for learning, exploring and nurturing every learner’s potential.

Mekaela Weber School has a strong foundation in the competency Based Curriculum (CBC). Our school motto: ‘Learn to Make a Difference,’ borrows mainly from the CBC mission; ‘Nurturing Every Learners Potential ‘and the vision; ‘Engaged, empowered and Ethical Citizen.’

Mekaela Weber School has magnificent facilities including spacious classrooms, large playing fields, and a spacious dining hall among others. The perimeter wall around the school not only ensures definite security of our pupils and staff but also promotes spectacular and a beautiful learning center.

To discover the uniqueness in our learners and help develop and nurture their talents, the school has well organized programs such as, Debate, public speaking, games and sports, life skills among others.

Mekaela Weber School also stresses on language policy.We train our pupils not only to speak good and correct English and Swahili, but also be able to express themselves confidently before others.

We also have well trained and experienced teaching staff who teach and guide the learners through the learning process.

Main School Wall

Class Interior Paintings

Bespoke Classrooms

Ample Playing Area


Head Teacher

Erick Omondi



Near Kombani at Maganyakulo Revenue Station,