MJS &MSS T-1 2024 Calendar.


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Opening day.       Boarders 8th January 2024
Day scholars 9th January 2024
Form 3 / Grade 8 parents meeting 20th January 2024
Mekaela Junior school-Lulu campus: Time 9:00 am
Mekaela Senior school: Time 2:00 pm
Junior School grade 7 parents’ orientation (Time: 2:00pm) 10th February 2024
Form 4 parents meeting (Time: 2:00pm) 10th February 2024
End of February/Mid-term Exams 26th-28th February 2024
Swimming gala
–     Mekaela Senior High School 25th Feb 2024
–     inter Mekaela Junior schools’ competition 29th Feb 2024
Mid-term break 1st -4th March 2024
Mekaela Senior High School Sports day 17th March 2024
Inter – Mekaela Junior schools’ sports day (venue: lulu Campus) 23rd March 2024
End of term exams 25th-27th March 2024
Closing day 28th March 2024







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